Saturday, September 15, 2007


I never learnt how to make a proper first post. Never really did. I couldn't even choose the right picture, so I just doodled something for 10 seconds and uploaded it here (as I can see now, it looked quite craptacular).
I don't know what to say either. Maybe something about why I start this, when I've already got another to handle, I suppose.
Well, here it goes. Over the last two years, I've been exposed to a whole new horizon of music, one that was previously unknown to me. As I go on, more and more keeps finding its way into my overworking ears, and soon I got caught up in left-field genres, in obscure records, in abstract melodies. So I started digging up cds from the past that I missed, looking out for the new ones and eventually making a few posts. Then I found out that my newfound obsession with this genre does not really belong to the vibe of the blog. It just needs a place of its own. So I decided to wait until my birthday, which is today, September 15, to premiere it and start posting what I want. It took me a lot of time considering the names and finally, I settled down with this one, The Bamboo Orchestra, which I find totally fitting for the blog. I wish I could say there is a profound meaning/interesting story behind the name, but there's just not.
If you like electronic/instrumental/post-rock/ambient..., willing to explore new experimental sounds and somehow suffer insomnia, then the blog is for you. If you like to visit Zeon's Music Blog in daytime, then this one is for late nights. It's all kinda hard to explain now, because it's 2 in the morning here, but as posts surface, you will get the idea. For now, what's a better way to cut the blue ribbon than with an excellent, appropriately-titled song from toytronica makers Psapp? Enjoy. More to come tomorrow.

Psapp - Hi (The Only Thing I Wanted, Domino, 2006)

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