Monday, December 31, 2007

The soundtrack for the last 9 minutes and 18 seconds of my 2007

Eluvium - Repose In Blue
(Copia, 2007)

Why: It has fireworks sounds (fireworks!) embedded from around the 5:34 mark.

Happy new year, everyone! It's a brand new beginning...all over again...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Susumu Yokota

Susumu Yokota is a well-respected Japanese ambient composer with works spanning over a decade, and though that pic above, shown on his homepage, might indicate that he has a sense of humor, his music tends to be on the more serious side. 'Love Or Die', his most recent album, was my first proper introduction to him. Experimental, yet not so unreachable, the album's a collection of ambient/electronica/post-rock tracks with lengthy, albeit descriptive titles. It's typically what you would normally expect from a Japanese name like his, something zen-like and vaguely melancholy, which is quite fitting for the winter weather. Play these samples after the night falls down, for that is the appropriate occasion for this kind of music...

Susumu Yokota - For The Other Self Who Is Far Away That I Can Not Reach
Susumu Yokota - The Destiny Of The Little Bird Trapped Inside A Small Cage For Life
Susumu Yokota - A Song Produced While Floating Alone On Christmas Day
(Love Or Die, 2007)

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