Friday, April 18, 2008

Electronica Unplugged

The thing about netlabels is that they don't find you. You have to find them yourself. So once I settled down with a decent label I can trust, the next sensible thing would be checking out the links section and have a look at the other possibly like-minded labels. That's exactly how I discovered this lovely compilation, courtesy of German netlabel Aerotone. The premise is as self-explanatory as its title: to "combine acoustic music with electronic bits and pieces". And the contributed tracks lived up well to the label's proclaimed statement: 'we love melancholic music'. It's a subtle, low-key, understated affair, but never feels mediocre. In fact, some of the instrumental pieces here have been played more than a few times by me. And let's not forget that all is available for absolutely no costs. Save it for a day out in the park, or just listen in the comfort of your bedroom. It won't change your world, but it certainly makes it more bearable. Sample three of my fave tracks from volume 2, and if it sounds good to you, click on the album titles to download the whole deal.

mié - summer
your hand in mine - the youngest one had a rose in his mouth
balún - sweet ´n low

(Electronica Unplugged 2, 2007)

Here's vol. 1 as well.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Am Robot And Proud

I Am Robot And Proud is the one-man-band moniker of Shaw-Han Liem, who resides in Ontario, Canada and makes little nuggets of chirpy instrumental laptop pop. Adjectives I would use to describe his sounds are: fun, playful, bubbly and delightful. The kind that I'd love to play during study time. He has released 3 full-lengths and is currently in the works for a new album, so look out for that. For now, check out 3 tracks from his most recent album, 'The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing', and one bonus from a re-issue, 'The Catch & Spring Summer Autumn Winter'.

I Am Robot And Proud - The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing
I Am Robot And Proud - The Work
I Am Robot And Proud - Places We're Trying to Find
(The Electricity In Your House Wants To Sing, 2006)

I Am Robot And Proud - The Catch
(The Catch & Spring Summer Autumn Winter, re-issue, 2006)


Visit his site for a couple more mp3s. (his music's also available on iTunes)


I'm sorry for the longtime absence, apparently, I consider this blog to be kinda of a 'side-project' saved for a certain mood, and as that certain mood has stricken me again, hopefully frequent posting will resume. For those who are still around this place, thank you.