Thursday, September 20, 2007


Bitter:sweet are Shana Halligan & Kiran Shahani, based in Los Angeles.
Sultry, sexy and hip-swaying, that's the sound they aim for. I can imagine their songs playing in exquisite lounges, full of glamorous-looking, martini-sipping women in designer dresses, and well-groomed, nicely-suited businessmen. In fact, they wouldn't sound out of place at all in a Bond movie, or some '60s spy films. Or as background music in a cocktail party.
Their debut 'The Mating Game' was released in April 2006 by Quango. Try one or two of the first tracks and if you dig them, just grab the rest. They're all guilt-free.

The Mating Game
Dirty Laundry
Bittersweet Faith
Don't Forget To Breathe
(The Mating Game, 2006)

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Earlier this August, they released a remix album called 'The Remix Game', with the help from Thievery Corporation, Skeewiff, along with other dance producers. Some of the reworks are quite interesting, but none of them outsmarted the original, overall an okay play-by-numbers stopgap album. Here are some remixes for you to decide yourself.

The Mating Game (Yes King Remix)
Salty Air (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Moving Forward (Atjazz Remix)
(The Remix Game, 2007)

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