Tuesday, November 6, 2007


lanterna (which means 'magic lantern') is the solo project of Illinois-based guitarist Henry Frayne. With a delay pedal and a guitar, he creates what I'd like to call 'day trip music'. Instrumental and spacey, his music is the perfect soundtrack for those highway journeys, when you feel like "Okay, I've had it with all the noise and hurry of the city, let's just take a few days off, and drive to the countryside, on those winding roads". It's lively, it's sunny, it makes you feel so warm inside. lanterna has made a total of five albums to date, the most recent one being the 2006 'Desert Ocean', out on the instrumental label 'Jemez Mountain'. I surprisingly like his stuff considering I hardly ever got into anything like this before. If you're not convinced, then just try 'Brightness' first, and grab the rest if you're not afraid for more.

Highways (2004):
"Brightness" (mp3)
from "Highways"
(Badman Recording Co)
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Brooklyn (mp3)
Canyons (mp3)

Sands (2002):

"Greek Island" (mp3)
from "Sands"
(Badman Recording Co)
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elm street (2001):
elm streetlanterna
"B Minor" (mp3)
from "elm street"
(Badman Recording Co)
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Desert Ocean (2006)


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